Relational Voter Program!

How do I talk with Friends and Family about Voting?

It all starts with a conversation!  We know the most effective way to get people to the polls is when their friends and family simply talk with them.  The relational voter program is all about that.

“Many of my family members had never paid much attention to elections.  They felt as though the government was some far away entity that made decisions about the world without input from the average person.  So I talked with them about the work we are doing in EXPO. I shared how we are holding our elected officials accountable to their campaign promises. My excitement about our work got my family members excited too. Last election cycle, five people in my family voted for the first time!” – Sarah Ferber, Associate Director


This election cycle we are making it even easier to track these conversation.  We know EXPO has a far reach, but as they say “if it is not written down, it didn’t happen.”  To do this we are sharing an app where you can select personal contacts from your phone and talk with your friends and family about issues, voting, elections dates, resources and much more! Communicate the way you always do and the app takes care of the rest!

How do I get started?

  1. Download Empower(MyRVP), Google Play Store or Iphone App Store
  2. Sign up using email or phone number
  3. Enter invite code – “unlockthevote” ( NOT case sensitive)
  4. Select contacts in phone, verify by entering their correct first and last name
  5. Start your conversations through messaging or a simple phone call like you normally do and the app does all the tracking!!