What We Do

We utilize our lived experience in the justice system to fight for transformation. Through local, statewide and national training, we gain the necessary skills to effectively organize with our comrades on the front line.

Base building

Our work is based on relationships. We focus on building authentic relationships with current and potential leaders. If you come to one of our meetings, you will likely hear others talking about one-to-ones, which are the tool we use to build public relationships.

Statewide organizing

We are a statewide organization with chapters in several cities. We seek out opportunities to take local action that impacts our statewide goals.


If we are not shedding light on the conditions of our incarceration institutions, who will. Our goal is to bring the truth of the jail and prison systems to the greater public. To hold elected official accountable to their campaign promises, we partner with WISDOM affiliates to take collective action..