Sarah Ferber

Sarah Ferber, Associate Director EXPO – Statewide, is a formerly incarcerated woman from Western WI focused on developing local leaders, building partnerships, and being a powerful voice of change.  Sarah serves on Chippewa County’s Criminal Justice Collaborative Council, Eau Claire County’s Jail Re-entry Committee, and Clear Vision.  In 2017, Sarah received EXPO’s Joyce Ellwanger Leadership Award for her dedication and commitment to criminal justice transformation.

Sarah connected with EXPO in 2015, initially sharing her experiences with the criminal justice system at public forums.  As a graduate of a treatment court program, Sarah knows first-hand treatment courts work.  Treatment Alternatives and Diversions are an underutilized solution to Wisconsin’s ever-growing prison population, and Sarah seizes every opportunity to speak publicly to this fact.

Sarah ignited EXPO’s newest campaign focused on elevating the experiences of women in the criminal justice system.  Partnering with MICAH, this campaign begins statewide in May 2018.  Inspired by her own growth after attending Gamaliel’s National Leadership Training, Sarah’s taking steps to become an Advanced National Trainer in the Gamaliel Network. Sarah graduates in December 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and certificate in Social Advocacy and Change from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.